Beyond BDS What-we-do-1024x623 About us

What we do

BeyondBDS provides dentistry graduates and professionals with the career support, options, and guidance they need to build a successful career after dental school. By exploring a variety of potential career pathways or additional educational outlets, BeyondBDS helps BDS graduates create a prosperous and fulfilling career.

Why choose us

At BeyondBDS, we understand the tremendous struggles that BDS students and graduates face.  We understand the fear and confusion that comes after graduating from dental school, and we recognize how difficult and overwhelming it can be to choose how to move forward in your professional growth.

BeyondBDS is founded by BDS graduates just like yourself who have experienced the same struggles as you.  Our mission is to provide you with the insight, familiarity, and insider information that we have obtained throughout our years of industry experience.  We understand the obstacles and barriers you are facing, and our team is able to provide you with the expertise and guidance that will help you achieve the future you always dreamed of – locally or abroad.

For us, BeyondBDS is more than a company:  It is our mission.  There is nothing in this world that we want more than to provide our clients with the professional and emotional support they need to cultivate the career they deserve.  Are you ready to explore your future beyond the BDS? 

Beyond BDS Why-choose-us-1024x683 About us

Meet our founder

Hello!  My name is Ishita, and please believe me when I say I truly understand the confusion and anxiety you are feeling right now.

Prior to graduation, I thought I had everything figured out.  My plan was to get my BDS, start working in a smaller clinic, and then save up to open a clinic of my own.  However, after graduating with my BDS, I quickly realized that my plan was not quite as foolproof as I thought it was.  Dentistry jobs were harder to find than I thought, and I was not in a financial position to open my own clinic.  I considered moving to the US and going back to school to receive a DDS.  I spent the time, energy, and resources necessary to apply for this designation, but after coming out the other end, I realized that the time and financial commitment was more than I was interested in.  Confused and overwhelmed, I started trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life.

After a lot of soul searching and a lot of communication with others who had been in my shoes before me, I decided to pursue my MBA – and it was the best decision for me.  While I certainly had experienced the residual anxiety related to changing career paths after graduation, I ultimately knew that my future career prospects and happiness relied on choosing a career path that was authentic to me and my goals.  I was able to build a tremendously successful career that I was passionate about.  I realized that while this worked out for me, there were hundreds of others who were once in my shoes with no guidance at all on how to build a strong future for themselves after graduating with their BDS.

Today, I am proud of the work I do with BeyondBDS.  I have been blessed to help transform the lives of so many, and I am grateful to be a part of their continued success.